Wastewater treatment

Photo de silo de traitement des effluents Corelec

Industry by nature

To limit pollution generated by surface treatment activities, CORELEC Equipements designs and manufactures air and water decontamination processes that respect the environment, current regulations. Our Environment department offers a range of complete solutions  for industrial effluent treatment.

Initially applied to surface treatment processes, by recruiting the right specialists, we have been able to successfully extend our solutions to all industrial activities (aerospace, oil & gas, chemistry, nuclear, construction, automotive, luxury, industry, healthcare, waste recycling etc.).

Drawing on decades of experience and CORELEC Equipements’ numerous fields of business expertise, the Environment department also provides services for the sizing, design and manufacture of equipment for the treatment of vapours (waste gases).

Laboratoire chez Corelec

A comprehensive laboratory to devise the best solution

Your pollution control projects are modelled in our internal laboratory, either on a laboratory scale or on an industrial scale (fixed and mobile pilots).

We analyse your needs and choose the best solution from the available options:

  • Physicochemical tests : coagulation, neutralization, flocculation, filtration
  • Filtration technics (gravity, vacuum)
  • Vacuum evaporation and condensation (heat pump, mechanical steam compressor)
  • Ion-exchange resins
  • Activated carbon adsorption
  • Advanced Oxidation Technology

Therefore, each solution we propose and each process we develop will respond specifically to your problem, always considering the relevant best available techniques.

Machine traitement des effluents

A team of experts at your service

When you choose CORELEC Equipements, you benefit from an experienced, responsive team that is attentive to your needs, from the initial definition of your project to its completion.

Our team consists of:

  • Sales engineers
  • Business experts and waste treatment process engineers
  • Technicians and engineers from mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, automation and industrial IT design offices
  • Specialised installers and commissioning technicians
  • Certified trainers
  • Service/maintenance and after-sales technicians

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are grouped together on a single 10,000 m² site and cover all our areas of expertise.

Our solutions and processes for industrial liquid waste

To guarantee the best treatment solution, the processes offered by CORELEC Environment always consider the best available techniques. We are also anticipating the tightening of rejection standards around substance-related issues (REACH), in order to offer the most sustainable solutions and processes and guarantee the safety of your investment.

Our solutions and processes for industrial waste gases

Besides generating potential contaminants in the form of liquid waste, the majority of industrial surface treatment processes also generate gas emissions.

Our Environment department specialises in the design, construction and commissioning of tailor-made solutions allowing the treatment of these waste gases in compliance with current environmental standards and emission limits.