Penetrant Testing

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Efficiently control the quality of your metals with CORELEC Equipements

CORELEC Equipements specialises in the design and manufacture of equipment for coloured penetrant testing (PT) and fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) for the non-destructive testing (NDT) of surface defects.

We offer complete manual, semi-automatic or automatic solutions, either through dipping, spraying or even mixed configuration.

Ergonomics and operator safety are at the very heart of our approach in the design of PT installations to ensure operator well-being and prevent health and safety risks.

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A team of experts at your service

When you choose CORELEC Equipements, you benefit from an experienced, responsive team that is attentive to your needs, from the initial definition of your project to its completion.

Our team consists of:

  • Sales engineers
  • Business experts
  • Technicians and engineers from mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, automation and industrial IT design offices
  • Specialised technicians and installers
  • Certified trainers

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are grouped together on a single 10,000 m² site and cover all our areas of expertise.

Your project is unique and so is our approach

Because each project is unique, we deliver a high-quality, tailor-made non-destructive penetrant testing system that is innovative, scalable and efficient.

With their high operating flexibility, our equipment give you total control over the times imposed by the various penetrant testing processes.

They guarantee control processes that comply with NADCAP-type specifications and those of the various contractors.

With the collaboration of our surface treatment and waste treatment departments, we are able to offer complete turnkey technical solutions.

Our penetrant testing equipment

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CORELEC  Equipements  designs tailor-made equipment and manufactures and installs the various stations making up a PT installation :

  • Application of the penetrant by dipping (immersion) or by spraying (conventional or electrostatic) for various levels of sensitivity (S2, S3, S4, N2, N3, etc.)
  • Rinsing/washing/pre-washing by spraying with a motorised system or manual gun
  • Emulsification by dipping and spraying (if using a post-emulsion penetrant) followed by an emulsifying stop (stop bath)
  • Drying of parts
  • Application of developer by electrostatic gun or suspension in a liquid carrier
  • Control cabin under ultraviolet lighting (for fluorescent penetrant) or daylight (for coloured penetrant)

Types of PT installations

  • Manual PT installations
  • Semi-automatic PT installations
  • Automatic PT installations

Types of handling

  • Manual or trolley
  • Conveyor
  • Robot
  • Others
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CORELEC Equipements, Penetrant Testing solutions adapted to your needs

Thanks to our multiple departments and broad business expertise, we can integrate our equipment into a 360° turnkey solution.

In fact, we also offer solutions for other necessary Penetrant Testing operations, such as:

  • Surface preparation (part-degreasing line, surface pickling, associated rinsing, drying, etc.)
  • Treatment of cleaning water, rinsing water and air (Environment department)

This way, we maintain continuity between your pre/post-treatment and Penetrant Testing operations, avoiding unnecessary handling and tool changes between the different processes, all while ensuring full traceability.

Because we are able to cover various supporting activities, you will have a single point of contact for any projects involving multiple processes and departments.