Powder coating and painting

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Guarantee the colour and protection of your parts and surfaces

CORELEC Equipements manufactures and installs a wide range of Machcoat® lacquering machines, designed for surface preparation and industrial powder coating.

These machines are intended for those wishing to integrate lacquering for small, medium and large production runs. 

With our multiple specialisms and broad business expertise, we are able to provide the most innovative and efficient surface, wastewater and gas treatment solutions on the market.

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Lacquer directly in your workshop

Machcoat® compact machines easily fit in any workshop, shortening the logistics cycle and ensuring closer control of production.

Surface preparation processes allow the lacquering of a wide range of parts of all sizes, whether it be sheets, bends, profiles, accessories, mechanically welded assemblies, foundry parts or machined parts.

With their complete range of surface preparation processes (degreasing, stripping, chemical conversion), they are eligible for certification by professional organisations.

Our solutions and processes

High-quality machines

Discover the advantages of Machcoat® machines and reap the benefits of an unbeatable lacquering unit:


We manufacture authentic machine tools, integrating all functions.


Our machines are suitable for frequent colour changes, whether for small, medium or large production runs.


Machcoat® machines have a particularly small footprint compared to traditional coating units.

Environmentally friendly

Our machines do not produce any liquid discharge and are equipped with gas filtration systems.


Controlled by a single operator, the Machcoat® lacquering machine offers a rapid return on investment.

Certified and Approved

Our machines are designed according to CE standards and ATEX directives. They also comply with the directives of the various quality labels.


No need for an authorisation request for the installation of your Machcoat® machine: a simple administrative declaration is enough.

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In 2016, CORELEC bought back the company Ateliers Michaud Cie, which then became Ateliers Michaud Coating, and this company now offers all of our manual and automatic equipment for surface and wastewater treatment, penetrant testing, powder coating and liquid painting.